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Retirement investing articles on yahoo william hill gambling

Retirement investing articles on yahoo

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If your plan is a good one, make good use of it. If it's not, you should at least contribute enough to it to receive any available employer match and then contribute any leftover money you can to an IRA more on those shortly or other retirement account. Here are some features of a good k plan: A meaningful company match. The average total company match was 4. Low fees. The fees your k plan charges you make a huge difference to your ultimate investment results, yet more than a quarter of Americans are not aware of what they're being charged in their k s, per a TDAmeritrade survey.

If your plan's fees are high, let your human resources department know that you're not happy about that. One way to keep fees low is to favor index funds when you invest the money in your account, but even some index funds charge too much. A promising menu of mutual funds. While you can invest in just about any stock or mutual fund in an IRA, a k will typically offer you a very limited menu of investment options.

The funds on offer should have not only good track records, but also low fees. You may also like to see target-date or "life cycle" funds, which allocate your money across various stock and bond index funds according to when you aim to retire, adjusting the allocation i. A short vesting schedule. Your employer might be exceedingly generous in the matching funds it grants you, but how soon you actually take possession of that money matters, too.

Thus, check the vesting schedule -- i. That's bad news for people who leave the company before their money vests. Some k plans will enroll employees automatically. Ideally, you'll also get to start participating as soon as you start work, and not three to six months later. Many auto-enrolling plans will start you off at a relatively low level of participation.

Be aware of how much of your income is going to your k and make sure the percentage is as high as you want it to be. Another great trait of a k plan is auto-escalation, where your contribution percentage is increased every year, often without your even noticing it. This can help you build wealth more quickly. If your plan doesn't offer this feature, just aim to increase your saving percentage on your own.

A Roth option. Employers are increasingly offering the option of a Roth k account , which accepts only taxed, not pre-tax, contributions. Give it serious consideration, as it offers the chance to withdraw money from your account in retirement tax-free. More than half of employers with retirement plans were recently offering Roth k s -- but your employer may not offer that option yet.

If so, let your human resources department know that you'd like it to be offered. Whether your company's k plan is great or just decent, here's how to make the most of your k : Participate! You're leaving a lot of potential tax savings and retirement wealth on the table if you're ignoring a k account.

Max out employer matches. Be sure to at least contribute enough to your account to grab any available matching funds from your employer. Longevity and retirement. Once you turn 65, current longevity statistics say you'll live, on average, another 18 years for men to 20 years for women. Your retirement savings will need to stretch over a shorter period should you keep working until age International investments.

Traditionally, diversification of retirement investment portfolios has been about asset classes - making sure there was an appropriate balance between stocks and bonds, and paying attention to the risk and return characteristics within each type of asset. Increasingly, your investment mix needs to become focused on foreign holdings.

That's where the world's economic growth will be found, and it's where a good percentage of your retirement funds should be invested as well. Interest rates. Waiting for Godot seems to pass in an instant compared with the interminable wait for interest rates to rise.

Only the House of Representatives' votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act have occurred with more regularity than forecasts for higher interest rates. And there has been a nudge in that direction, but only a nudge. If your retirement investment strategy is tied to the inevitability of higher interest rates, you might just want to get a season pass to that Samuel Beckett play.

Expect a lot of volatility in the performance of your investments. This argues for setting aside more reserve funds, so you aren't forced to sell investments at a bad time. Flexibility is essential here, so don't lock too much of your funds in holdings that cannot be quickly changed. Glide path. As we age, our investment holdings should gradually become less risky and provide better protection against market declines.

The changing mix of stocks and bonds is known as a glide path. Make sure you know what the glide path is for your holdings, and do the homework needed to make sure it's an appropriate path for you. Lots of people don't have a financial adviser and may not be comfortable actively managing their investments. If this describes you, consider investing in target-date mutual funds. They are geared to people of different ages and automatically shift investment holdings to achieve specific glide paths explained in the funds' prospectuses.

Higher medical expenses. The biggest failure of most retirement investment plans is underestimating out-of-pocket medical expenses. The rate of medical inflation has decreased, but not by enough to make a meaningful dent in lifetime costs. When you calculate how much you will spend in retirement, and thus how much money your retirement savings will have to provide you each year, don't ignore medical expenses. Income spigots.