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Game boy line history betting

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Though this console was only available in Japan, it allowed users to play without having a light by backlighting the screen. This was a huge advance to hand held systems which had never been seen before. Game Boy Color Later that same year in , Game Boy released the newest innovation in hand held gaming—a colored monitor.

It was released the next year in America, putting old and new Game Boy enthusiasts back into the buying mood. Since no other hand held gaming system had offered colored graphics, this was considered the newest technology available. This, in conjunction with the rejuvenated battery life of the console, made the Game Boy Color one of the biggest successes of handheld gaming ever.

The original Game Boy and the Game Boy Color combined managed to sell over million units worldwide. This new style was the Game Boy Advance. Rather than playing on a vertical system, the Game Boy Advance spread out horizontally, which actually turned off some of the diehard original Game Boy enthusiasts. However, the new innovations of technology allowed for many more hours of battery life, as well as the backlighting feature otherwise not found in the US at the time.

In addition to the classic buttons on the face of the system, the Game Boy Advance also featured two buttons on the top of the system, allowing for even more functions to be executed at once. The Game Boy Advance would reign for four strong years, dominating the handheld gaming industry.

Newest Generations The Game Boy name would finally come to an end in when Nintendo released the newest and currently most innovative technology in the handheld gaming market — the Nintendo DS. This is a new system that contains two different screens and 10 buttons, twice that of the original Game Boy specifications. Game Boy continues its success to this day and many at Nintendo have dedicated the handheld in Yokoi's memory. Game Boy celebrated its 15th anniversary in , which nearly coincided with the year anniversary of the original Nintendo Entertainment System NES.

In , Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said on the rumored demise of the Game Boy brand: "No, it's not true after all. What we are repeatedly saying is that for whichever platform, we are always conducting research and development for the new system, be it the Game Boy, or new console or whatever. And what we just told the reporter was that in thinking about the current situation where we are enjoying great sales with the DS and that we are now trying to launch the Wii, it's unthinkable for us to launch any new platform for the handheld system, including the new version of the GBA Perhaps they misunderstood a part of this story, but as far as the handheld market is concerned we really want to focus on more sales of the DS; that's all.

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AdBrowse & Discover Thousands of Entertainment Book Titles, for Less. The Game Boy line is Nintendo 's handheld game system line that lasted from The Game Boy Handhelds Family: Left to Right: Game Boy (), Play it Loud! Game Boy . Jul 20,  · The Game Boy was first released in the s. Since then, it has evolved into a massive dynasty of hand held gaming systems. Though it was originally a test by the Nintendo company, it has become a great success in the gaming industry for gamers of all ages. The history of the Game Boy dates back to the earliest days of gaming systems, making it very .